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Digital Resilience Services

Digitra’s professionals walk the talk by having expertise in the delivery of multiple Security Programs for large enterprises. We have the expert implementation team to take you from the recommendations in Advisory Report to a higher level of Security Maturity.  

We incorporate Security Program Metrics to allow the customer to measure and sustain their Digital Risk & Security Program Effectiveness.

For our projects, Digitra handles them in a methodical fashion as follows:

Requirements Gathering > Scope of Work > Project Plan >

Staging > Deployment > Functional Testing > Performance Testing >

Cutover > Monitoring > User Acceptance Test > Customer Signoff

Our services can be based on your unique needs. Our capabilities are in the following areas:

♦ Cyber Security Implementation, Migration Services.

♦ Cyber Security Operational Support Services.

♦ Cyber Testing Services. (IV&V).

♦ Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning.

♦ Data Center Planning, Design, and Deployment.

♦ Cyber Engineering – Hybrid IT, Dev Sec OPS , Mobile , Cloud, IOT, Block Chain

♦ Security Operations Center Establishment/Incident Response

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