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Digitra’s UbiqViz Security Analytics Platform is a self-learning, bespoke and cost-effective Cyber Security Analytics solution tailor fit to the customer’s digital risks and the environment. We leverage open source Big Data, ML, and AI technologies to deliver value.

We maximize customer investment by bundling professional services, reducing customer resources needed to build and operate the solution. The customer can invest the savings in actual SOC analysts to look at the optimized data and reduce overall risk by mitigation.  We offer on-premises or cloud-based implementation with a build operate to transfer or run the model.

Dynamic Features

Traditional SIEM systems are based on static rules and relational databases which do not adjust to change in the digital environment nor scale. Ubiqviz addresses this problem by creating a big data-based security analytics engine with capabilities for

  • Live Machine Learning
  • Custom machine learning models
  • Built-in Chat Bot investigator functionality

Custom Dashboards

UbiqViz ’s integrated services model of solution delivery offers to the customer a full customization as part of the initial delivery saving the customer significant cost and resources. In addition, Ubiqviz is based on open source technologies like Apache Hadoop, Kafka, Elastic Search, Kibana, and Zookeeper which allows the cost to be kept significantly lower compared to similar products.

UbiqViz ’s Professional Services and Maintenance and Support team in conjunction with backend escalation support from Hortonworks for their data platform addresses the risk of using open source technologies that customers may be concerned with.

Download UbiqViz Datasheet here