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Digital Risk Advisory

Our Digital Risk Advisory Solutions offers a full suite of risk assessment, strategic planning services like VCISO

Digital Resilience

Digitra Professional Services offer Cyber Design & Engineering,
DevSecOps , Incident Response

Cyber Testing

Digitra offers services like Infra, Platform, App Sec Testing for Hybrid Cloud, IoT, Block Chain, Mobile


UbiqViz Security Analytics Platform is a self-learning, bespoke and cost-effective Cyber Visibility solution


Digitra Inc provides innovative cyber security solutions for your digital transformation. Digitra was formed to address the paradigm shift in Cybersecurity.      In the transformed digital world, Security has to be dynamic and built into everything that we do rather than between trust boundaries. The fundamental tenets that matter are trust, transparency, visibility.   This calls for a complete new approach to Cybersecurity. With this new approach, Cyber Security becomes an enabler for digital transformation.  

Our goal is to make Cyber Security an enabler of your business’ digital transformation.

Digitra was founded by industry veterans in Information security space with a combined experience of 40+ years with a mission to provide the highest quality of services to improve and sustain the Digital Resiliency of businesses and organizations to meet their goals and objectives. Digitra specializes in providing services like Virtual CISO, Cyber Security Assessment, Implementation, Migration, Program management and Cloud Security Services. Digitra’s expert team have a deep understanding and hands-on experience implementing mission-critical services in Public Sector and Government agencies.

UbiqViz Security Analytics is our real-time security visibility solution.


Expert Team

Digitra has a team of qualified experts with unique skills to assess risks and threats to keep your digital systems safe. We have significant experience in Cyber Business alignment working with management teams, technology expertise to architect the Cyber blueprint and operational experience to realize it. We guarantee to do our best to solve any challenges that you are facing.

Professional Company

The Digitra team have an established set of highly educated professionals that work in a process-oriented manner. We are structured in the way we think and the manner in which we work. We are extremely professional and our team will send weekly reports and updates on a regular basis throughout the project to keep you in the loop at all times.

Best Services

Digitra offers top-class services for digital resiliency, digital risk advisory and testing. We help you navigate through the cyber security ecosystem while avoiding dangerous threats such as viruses, bots, Trojans, brute force, and other malware which could be devastating to your business. We offer excellent services at affordable cost.


The team's expertise  is well known to be brought in as a SWAT team to fix the most complex security infrastructure stabilization programs and elevate the customer satisfaction to "ecstatic" levels,  which they did for our security products as a professional services partner.  Customers always call in their resources to solve in-depth technial issues and execute digital transformation migration programs.
Security Vendor Sales Manager
We received an excellent level of services from the professional services team and lead architects. They are very knowledgeable, customer focused and come with a bag of tricks to solve any Cyber Security challenge.   The team has the experience to advise at strategic level , and they walk their talk by helping operationalize their strategies.  This is a unique combination, not easily found in a typical advisory company.
Public Sector ISO
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How Security @ the Speed of DevOps can prevent Digital Darwinism:

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