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About Us

Digitra was formed to address the paradigm shift in Cybersecurity.  We have moved from infrastructure centric and even threat centric security to a risk focused approach. We have moved from perimeter based approach to an application, data and user focused approach.  Security has to be dynamic as the underlying platforms.  The fundamental tenets that matter are “trust”, “transparency” and “visibility”. In the transformed digital world, Security has to be built into everything that we do rather than between trust boundaries.  This calls for a complete new approach to Cybersecurity. With this new approach, Cyber Security becomes an enabler for digital transformation. Our mission is to provide innovative Cyber Security Solutions that enable digital transformation of businesses and organizations and maintain their digital resiliency in a sustainable manner.  It is a continuous process that works hand in hand with the digital transformation roadmap of businesses and organizations. Our goal is to make Cyber Security an enabler of your business’ digital transformation.Digitra Incorporated provides innovative cybersecurity solutions for your digital transformation. Digitra was founded by industry veterans in Information security space with a combined experience of 40+ years with a mission to provide the highest quality of services to improve and sustain the Digital Resiliency of businesses and organizations to meet their goals and objectives.  

Founders ran a successful Cyber Security Consulting practice for the last 13+ years. The combined years of research and hands-on experience culminated in the creation of “UbiqViz” – Digitra’s Security Analytics platform.

The company has grown to develop a talented set of cyber security professionals who are industry certified, customer-oriented consulting professionals who deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions to meet present and future Cybersecurity and Secure Communication needs for mission-critical partner organizations, global businesses, and enterprises. Digitra also specializes in providing services like Virtual CISO, Cybersecurity Assessment, Implementation, Migration, Program Management, and Cloud Security Services.

Digitra’s professionals have also built expertise in performing complex security migrations with minimal downtime network on large scale mission critical and public safety networks. Digitra team have a deep understanding and hands-on experiencing implementing mission-critical services in Public Sector and Government agencies.


We provide the highest quality of services to improve and sustain the Digital Resiliency of businesses and organizations to meet their goals and objectives.


Digitra’s UbiqViz Security Analytics Platform is a self- learning, bespoke and cost effective Cyber Security Analytics solution tailor fit to the customer’s digital risks and the environment. We leverage open source Big Data, ML and AI technologies to deliver value.  We maximize customer investment by bundling professional services, reducing customer resources needed to build and operate the solution. Customer can invest the savings to hire SOC analysts to look at the optmized data and reduce overall risk by mitigation.  

We offer on-premises or cloud based solution with a model to build, operate, transfer or run.  Traditional SIEM systems are based on static rules and relational databases which do not adjust to change in the digital environment nor scale. We address this by leveraging Big Data, ML and AI technologies with the ability to horizontally scale both for data ingestion, processing, storage as well as in distributed search capabilities.


Srikanth Nagarajan – Founder & CEO

Founder of the company Srikanth Nagarajan has extensive experience in Cyber Security and technology industry. He previously ran a successful Risk Advisory and Cyber Solutions practice with New York City public sector clients most notably public safety and critical infra (SCADA) agencies. He has envisioned, implemented and managed the first Citywide Security Program for NYC government. Prior to this, he held senior engineering roles with companies like IBM, Hexaware, and Microland.

His breadth of experience involves Information security management, complex security operations, security engineering and architecture, risk management and security governance. Protected digital assets for every organization is unique and custom – so must the security monitoring and analytical tools. Prior experiences with the limits of Commercial security correlation and analytics tools in terms of scalability, cost and customizability set him off on a quest to find a cost-effective  solution that is bespoke and be the right fit for the customer at an affordable price. “Ubiqviz” was born.

Competitive Advantage

  • o Bespoke advisory services as opposed to pre-designed solutions.
  • o Ability to bundle advisory, integration and support services.
  • o We recommend solutions that are practically tested in the field.
  • o Professionals with extensive hands on experience in large scale IT will perform assessments.
  • o Satisfied Customers with references.

What Drives Us

  • o Provide the highest quality of services in Cyber Security to deliver the most value.
  • o Contribute to National Security by way of creating skilled Cyber Security professionals.